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Most amateur tournaments are fun, loud, and chaotic...
but not always well run.

Tourn It Up! makes tournament hosting easy.

Core Features

Competitor Management

Once competitors register for your event TournItUp automatically assigns them to the proper bracket, doing your event pre-work for you. Onboarding customization lets you offer spectator fee purchases, t-shirts, food pre-sells, bottled water delivery, gear and more... TournItUp makes the competitor and spectator experience convenient so you can focus on making your event successful!

Floor Management

TournItUp's Floor Manager lets you see ring activity at-a-glance with match depth and estimated ring burn time. You can easily re-balance your floor by age, rank or competitor count in just a few taps. TournItUp can also notify competitors and spectators when ring assignments change so they know where they're supposed to be and when they should be there. With TournItUp's Floor Manager, your in full control!

Ring Management

Running an event typically doesn't provide you with a lot of time to train volunteers. And as you've probably figured out, not everyone has their mind wrapped around bracketing math. So without a little help during the event, you're going to be needed everywhere all the time! TournItUp automates ring management mechanics ensuring ring managers produce consistent, accurate match results without a lot of hand holding.


Let's face it... amateur tournaments are organized chaos. Nobody knows where to go or what to pay attention. But what if, at your tournament, you could let everyone know what's going on, where to be, and when to be there ? Wouldn't that be amazing.

With TournItUp's out-of-the-box notification system your customers can register for event notifications that inform them about everything they need to be successful at your event.

Before the event we'll send them a reminder. During the event we'll let them know when they need to report to a ring, about any ring adjustments or schedule changes that occur, and who placed in the events they are registered to compete in.

Payment Processing

With support for over 100 currencies, the ability to upsell competitors and spectators, and TournItUp's white labelled payment flows, TournItUp provides the tools you need to ensure your event stays in the black.

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